June 28, 2008 Dan proposed.  Ok I’ll say it, Dan FINALLY proposed. I was so excited to get married. We got my ICD implanted in July and I sat and read wedding magazines while I recovered.  My heart aside, I was blissful. I continued teaching, now in Auburn, Alabama while Dan was working at Ft. Benning, Georgia but I was still seeing my electrophysiologist closer to Atlanta. The first time I cried about my situation was after a visit to Atlanta. I assumed it would be a routine check up.  You know the basic, “your heart is a bum but other than that…”. This time was a little different. My doctor asked me if I was on birth control. I said yes but he still seemed concerned.  He explained that, with my heart in its weakened state, getting pregnant would kill me and that I would never have kids. I was devastated. Not only would I not have children but I felt obligated to back to Dan and give him ‘an out’. He proposed thinking that we would one day have a family and it was now off the table. He hugged me, laughed at me, and the rest is history. We were married in the courthouse in Opelika, Alabama November 12, 2008 and in the Cadet Chapel at West Point on July 11, 2009.

Then Army decided it was time for us to move… to Kansas. We packed up August 2009 and moved to Fort Riley, Kansas. I’ve always been very active and informed in my medical care.  At this point I decided to enroll in Tricare Standard and receive my cardiac care from a cardiologist of my choosing. I chose Dr. Anthony Magalski. He is remarkable and I’ve been happy with my choice for six years now. When I first met Dr. Magalski I said, “Help me have a baby.”

Courage, dear heart. ~ C.S. Lewis

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