After I was released from the hospital we went home and had Christmas in our house as our new little family. I saw my cardiologist regularly but I was doing ok. No new developments. I know this sounds a little crazy but at some point I was told that I would eventually need a heart transplant. The date didn’t really stick with me. I don’t think I took it super well but it fell to the back burner and life went on. May 29, 2014 our son, William Thomas, was born and our adoption was finalized on September 26th, 2014. Our adoption story is a fairytale!  I’ll have to share it in a blog post down the road!  Side bar! If you’re interested in adoption I’m an open book so just ask!

We sailed relatively smoothly until January 27, 2015. I was in for a usual appointment with an echocardiogram (ultrasound of my heart). I was prepared for Dr. Magalski to say the usual, “you’re no better but no worse” speech; not this time.  My echocardiogram indicated that the pressures in my heart might be rising. When you are in heart failure pressures are important.  If your pressures get too high your lungs will adapt.  This sounds like a good thing but the problem is, once they adapt they will never go back. This means that if I had a heart transplant, which we always knew was coming, that my lungs wouldn’t work with me new heart. Well shit.

I went back into the hospital for a series of tests that confirmed my heart was indeed beginning to fail even more. My cardiologist decided it was time for a transplant work up.

Courage, dear heart. ~ C.S. Lewis

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