I guess I should finally explain the motivation for the title of my blog.  Dan and I attended the Kansas City American Heart Association Heart and Stroke Ball February 2015. We had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ted Hodges and his family. Ted received a heart transplant at St. Luke’s Hospital and we share some of the same doctors. (I highly recommend you watch the YouTube video ‘Ted Hodges Strong at Heart!) When told his family of my condition and that I was on the road to a potential transplant Ted’s dad told me, “Get a tattoo now.” I was a little confused and replied, “Excuse me?” He explained, “Once you get your new heart you won’t be allowed to get a tattoo so if you want one do it now. Oh ya, you can’t eat grapefruit anymore either, it will interact with one of your meds.” I smiled and thought; if grapefruit and tattoos are the only things I’ll miss out on then I will be just fine.

Courage, dear heart. ~ C.S. Lewis

One thought on “Grapefruit and Tattoos

  1. so this super made me chuckle about grapefruit and tattoos cause lord knows I was scratching my head with that one! I second the need for a tattoo, maybe a small inconspicuous heart somewhere but definitely needs to happen lol! And the eating grapefruit… Lots of it! 😉 love you!

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