The transplant committee meets at 0700 on Tuesday mornings. They called me at 0830 to tell me that I was accepted and would be put on the list for a heart transplant. Once Tricare approves the transplant there will be a meeting of my support group and the transplant team to sign paperwork and discuss and questions we may have.

Dan and I have decided that, at this time, it is best for the kids and I to go ahead and move to our next duty station closer to Kansas City. We were headed there this summer anyway and so Dan will remain at Fort Riley as a geographical bachelor for a few months before joining us. In the meantime, I will have my mom and other family and friends coming in and out staying with me to make sure is all ok until I get ‘the call’.

We’ve been flooded with love since the news and we appreciate all of the support. At this time there really isn’t anything we need. I am sad to leave all of our friends at Fort Riley. Please know that if you are ever in the Kansas City area I’d love to see each and every one of you! I plan on continuing to blog my heart adventure and advocating for women’s heart health. Keep reading for upcoming stories that provide more detail about some parts of my adventure such as –

A Broken Wire; How my ICD almost broke in Morocco

Miss America; My time as a National Spokeswomen for AHA

Her Wedding is Why; advocating for women’s heart health


I’ll also be sure to throw up a quick post when I get ‘the call’!

Courage, dear heart. ~ C.S. Lewis

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