Earlier this week I was admitted to the hospital. I was having some troubles with a cough and my doctors needed to figure out what was causing  the cough.  They looked at infection (i.e. pneumonia), blood clots and heart failure. Here’s how I came to feel about this.  If I had pneumonia I would be off the transplant list for six days. If I had blood clots I would be off the transplant list for six weeks. If my heart failure was causing it, hospitalization would be required but I would also move up on the list from a 1b to a 1a. Turns out it was the latter so here I am.


I have a “swan” in my neck so they can continue to measure heart and lung pressures. My skin is torn up from the electrodes. I miss my husband and children all day. That being said, I’m doing great! My spirits are up! I’m hopeful my heart will be here sooner rather than later. I am thrilled at all of the support that has come in via text, Facebook, emails, phone calls and visits. I feel so very loved.

My kiddos have both come to visit even though Will seems more interested in running the halls of the hospital than hanging with mom. I can’t wait to get home to them with my new heart that will allow me to keep up with them for years to come.


All of the thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. I can’t wait to celebrate my new heart with all of you!

Courage, dear heart. ~ C. S.Lewis

11 thoughts on “1A

  1. Jenna, you are a pillar of strength with the most positive outlook and attitude and we are praying for you to receive your heart transplant to give you plenty of strength to keep up with your beautiful ‘Kiddos’! John and Donna (Sarah’s mom and dad)


  2. Sending prayers and love and healing energy, my wine sister! And I’m dedicating this glass of wine to you (It’s a Joy Merlot, in case you’re wondering.) He’ll, I’ll dedicate the whole bottle!


  3. Jenna, I’m praying for you! May God, who created the universe, also orchestrate everything that needs to happen in order for you to receive a new heart


  4. Jenna, My son and daughter-in-law keep us updated on your life and ongoing health. You are a remarkable individual with great faith. You display strength under circumstances that no young mother should ever have to endure. We are praying for you, and wish you only the best. Your children are beautiful, a reflection of you and your parenting. (Nick’s mom)

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