Shoes dropping all over the place! I got down to OR holding and found that the pediatric balloon sent was expired. Luckily my medical team caught it before we were in the OR. Unfortunately I will not be have surgery today. As of now, I will get my new balloon pump Monday. My hope is maybe I can get the call for my heart over the weekend and skip the second balloon pump. I’m a little frustrated with my journey. My sweet nurses brought my valentine chocolates in a puppy box! Even better, Mary Ann is coming for a sleepover! 

Movies, insomnia cookies and lots of snuggles are of my evening agenda and I’ll worry about balloon pumps later. 

Courage, dear heart. C.S.Lewis

3 thoughts on “Puppies and chocolate

  1. This is Howard. Please make sure that the movies you watch are not the ones your father and I used to watch. I bet you’re not a Liam Neeson or Mad Max fan. Get that minor organ replaced and get the hell out of there. You are still the best apples to apples player I have ever had the pleasure to compete against.


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