I have another blog coming up soon! Until I can get that thought finished here is what is on my mind today. I love Doctor Borkon. He was my surgeon that performed my heart transplant and he’s nothing shy of amazing. that being said I think he may have ruined the v-neck for me forever. You see my scar sit slightly to my right side.


I spend far too much time trying to get the v-neck on my shirt and my scar to look straight. I’m happy, healthy, alive, and a little crooked. #FirstWorldProblem

Courage, dear heart. ~C.S.Lewis

One thought on “#FirstWorldProblem

  1. You wear that slightly crooked scar beautifully, Dear Heart. Plus I couldn’t help but notice you still have “cleavage” which some of us no longer have! See? It’s all relative because we are ALIVE!!


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