For those of you who don’t know, I run a home-based business through WineShop at Home.  I do in home wine tastings, help people shop for gifts etc.

I am frequently asked at my tastings, “I got this bottle of wine from XXX, how long should I age it?”  My stock answer usually recommends that they go back to the source (i.e. winery, winemaker, gift giver etc) and ask.  I always end my answer by saying, “Whatever you find out, whatever aging capabilities the bottle has, whatever it cost… just drink it. The bottle may age beautifully over the next 20 years, but you may not. Don’t wait for a reason to celebrate. Today is a good day for a great wine!”

I lost a friend last night. He was kind, brave, compassionate, funny and a positive person. He and his girlfriend shared one of my wines just a few weeks ago. Can you imagine if they had save it for “a special occasion”?

This goes for a lot of things. If you love someone, tell them. If you are harboring resentment is it worth it- could you take the first step to make amends? If you were gone tomorrow, what would you wish you would have done today?
Courage, dear heart.

~C. S. Lewis.

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