I woke up January 1st, 2017 with a healthy heart. Since no one knows exactly when my heart failed I don’t know the last time I woke up on New Years day with a healthy heart. I’m going to take a pause here to remember my donor Katelyn and her family and the heartache I am sure they are going through as they start their first New Years without their loved one.  ❤

*moment of silence*

Thank you for taking a moment with me. To honor Katelyn, my biggest goal for myself in 2017 is to take care of me and my new heart. I want to add more yoga to my life, see a massage therapist to help with some scar tissue, continue with my personal trainer and focus on a few close friends to build a better support system.

My next goal is to feel productive on a daily basis. Being ill and recovering for so long I’ve had far too many days where I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I want to add productivity in my home life by streamlining my chores so I can spend more time with my family. I want to add productivity in my hobbies by cooking at least one new recipe each month and finishing at least two quilts this year.

Adding productivity in my business is my third goal. Sharing my love of wine with people gives me joy as well as a little ‘me time’. My main focus will be expanding my team as I get ready to move my business with a military move coming up soon!

Finally, as always, my goal is to raise awareness about heart disease and organ donation. I’m already kicking off my year with several speaking engagements including Notre Dame de Sion, Daughters of the American Revolution, and several Philanthropic Educational Organization chapters. National Heart Month in February is coming up soon and will be sure to be busy! My goal is to work with corporate businesses to spread awareness among employees and share my story of how I succeeded in business while in the hospital.

Whatever motivates you this 2017, be kind to yourself and your heart. When I thought of my resolutions or goals for 2017, this year, rather than thinking of what would make me ‘better’ I thought of what would make me happy.

Here’s to a happy 2017!


Courage, dear heart. ~C.S.Lewis

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