1. My donor Katelyn and I have been together for a year now. I feel a sense of relief knowing that my risk decreases now that I’ve hit this mark. I’ve thought a lot about Katelyn and her family this year. Every time I feel blessed to be alive I think of what they’ve given me. Katelyn and her family allowed me to be at my sons 2nd birthday, take my daughter on our annual nutcracker trip, to help my sister pick her wedding dress and celebrate another Christmas with my family. I can never thank Katelyn but I hope one day to tell her family how much her gift means to me.

I couldn’t have done this year without my husband. We were able to celebrate today and as usual he treated me like a princess. He gave me a framed copy of Time Magazine’s Dec 15, 1967 issue covering the first heart transplant! I am in such awe to own such a cool piece of history. Then he followed up with 24 stunning roses! 😍

Finally Dan gave me a gift I didn’t know existed. When I was in the hospital Dan wrote me letters to document the especially rough days. I had no idea (although he apparently told me at one point – I blame the drugs). He gave me permission to share a bit with you so here it is,

“…I didn’t want to have to raise our kiddos without you. The reason our kids are smart and kind and fearless is because of you. I am the reason Will loves fart noises and Mary Ann spits in her hand to make a deal. We are all better people with you in our lives and I was deathly afraid to lose you.”

As Dan said so eloquently on the card with my flowers, “1 down 100 to go”

Courage, dear heart. ~C.S.Lewis

5 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary

  1. Today is your very special one year anniversary of your new beginning. Your many, many friends are pleased to celebrate Your Day with you!


  2. Congrats on the anniversary Jenna! Been following your journey from faraway and am so happy for you and your family as you continue to thrive. Good luck with the upcoming move, hopefully it’s somewhere cool 😛

    -Josh Jones


      1. Awesome! Just a puddle hop out to Oregon if ya’ll are interested in seeing Portland. Our 3 girls always loving showing other kiddos around town 🙂


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