Today I cleaned out my closet. Let me give you a quick sneak peek into the life of Jenna Bell.  This is HUGE! I am terrible and putting away laundry.  Ask my husband!  He folds laundry for me and then leaves the laundry basket on my side of the bed. I usually simply move the laundry basket to the floor and go to bed. When he’s really tired of looking at it he will lay all of the folded laundry neatly on my side of the bed prompting me, yet again, to put it away.  For a while I’d simply put it back in the laundry basket and go to bed.  My husband now hides the empty laundry basket so I have to put it away before I go to bed! Now can you see just how amazing it is that I cleaned out my closet and put away my laundry today!? Want to know what made me do it? HANGERS!

Why was I so excited about hangers?  They all matched, they were all non-slip, and they were new! I love to organize and I love things that match and look like they belong. While I was cleaning out the closet I was thinking about why I was doing it and what motivated me. When I realized the hangers were what got me moving on this project, I started thinking more about it and realized that this little motivator or reinforcer was the opposite of a pet peeve. So by definition a pet peeve is:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 2.19.22 PM

So, in my own words a pet peeve is something small that elicits an in-proportionate amount of frustration, anger or annoyance. Now, think of what the opposite might be. Something that a person finds especially pleasing? Something small that elicits an in-proportionate amount of joy, happiness, or gratitude? Kind of a ‘favored fun’. Today, for me, hangers were my ‘favored fun’. I know someone, who is overjoyed every time she sees a dog. Old or young big or small this girl LOVES dogs. I think as children we all had this.  Small things that made us deliriously happy. For my son, those these are dinosaurs, jumping in puddles, and popsicles.  My daughter is over the moon for gum, $.50 toys from vending machines, and being one of the ‘big girls’. As adults I think we lose sight of the little things that make us happy and we certainly don’t actively try to add them into our lives.

I’m devoting August to focusing on ‘favored fun’. Starting thinking of the little things that make you especially happy. Do the same for someone you love. Then start putting them back in your life. Buy matching hangers, make your spouse their favorite meal, jam out in your car or go visit a dog shelter to a get a ‘puppy fix’. If you feel like joining me! Leave a comment with one of the simply things that makes you happy, your ‘favored fun’.

Courage, dear heart.


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