Whenever a family is in crisis friends, family, neighbors and loved ones jump in and help out!  The most common contribution is a meal, specifically dinner. I’d like to offer the idea that there may be a better option.

About two weeks ago I had an epiphany. I was sick, Will had ever so kindly shared his croup with me. I was coughing, tired, and had two kids who basically didn’t care and wanted life as normal. My sweet neighbor showed up at the door at about 6pm or so with…. banana bread. I was happy but I didn’t realize just how happy I would be.  You see, I had already cooked chicken noodle soup for dinner so we were all set at that point but I certainly appreciated her kindness. The next morning however I was thrilled.

In my personal experience, when I’m sick, I feel worst first thing in the morning and right before bed. So by the time my kids want lunch I can generally get it together enough to throw chicken nuggets in the oven or slap together a PB&J. By dinner I may be feeling a bit worse but if I haven’t already figured something out I can certainly get something delivered or drive through McDonalds to soothe the savages. Breakfast however is another story. I have just gotten up so I feel the worst. I’m tried because I don’t sleep well when I’m sick. The kids are up, raring to go, and want breakfast… NOW! This is when I cried over banana bread. I was miserable but the kids were ‘staarrrvvving’. I walked into the kitchen and there it was on the counter. It might as well have been glowing with divine radiance. The banana bread! All I had to do was grab a knife, cut off a slice and slap it on a napkin.  Breakfast DONE! As I watched them eat and sipped my coffee a few tears slipped out.  Part of my emotion came from being ill, over tired, and generally overwhelmed but the other part came from the generosity of a neighbor. She made the hardest meal of the day a piece of… bread.

I had never thought about this myself. Whenever I try to help a family in need I too usually bring an evening meal. From now on though, I think I’ll bring breakfast!

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