In November 2018, I was asked to be one of the speakers at the Kansas City Medical Society Dinner. I was beyond honored to be listed beside Wesley Hamilton and U.S Surgeon General Vice Admiral (VADM) Jerome M. Adams but I had no idea that I would receive another honor that evening.  You see, I have been neglecting my blog.  I haven’t posted in a very long time. At this event someone approached me and asked why I was no longer writing. I responded that I didn’t really think anyone was reading it and that life had gotten in the way so it wasn’t a priority for me at the time. The group of people I was having the conversation with responded resoundingly saying that not only did they read it, but they missed it.  Life, has been crazy! Dan deployed and has since returned, I went back to the classroom teaching elementary special education and my kiddos have needed their momma. All that being said, the fact that there are still some of you out there that want to read what I have to say is a true honor. I am moving the blog up on the priority list.  I’m back!

One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. Jenna, So happy to read of you and family. I will read what ever you write as you are so inspiring! Your energy is amazing knowing your story! I hope your teaching is going well,but having taught eighth graders for 35years, how do you do it?! I am a P.EO. “Sister” in Lisa Gray’s chapter here in “Leavensville.” Due to weather, our last meeting was cancelled. Tomorrow(3/6/19) is our regular meeting. I will visit with Lisa. Looking forward to your next writing. Oh, did you meet John Russell Davis,M.D. during your stay at St. Luke’s in KCMO? He did a left lower lung lobectomy on me in October. What a guy and fabulous doctor. His wife is a Mizzou alum, a daughter is in J-School now at MU,and so I feel connected as I also am a Mizzou alum. I graduated when “dirt was white.” Take good care!! Karin Dawson


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