I’m sure many of you have heard the term Household 6 or HH6. In a unit the leader uses 6 in his/her call sign. This is not my favorite military term because we do so much more than lead our “household”. When I was a young girl, my mom and other spouses used the term Whiskey 6. Stemming from the w in ‘wife’ the phonetic alphabet dictates that ‘w’ is whiskey. If you combine that with the leader call sign you get Whiskey 6.

After 25 years as an Army Brat I dedicated my life to another soldier, the Army, and our country. I have met some of the greatest military spouses… and some not so great 😉 Here I want to share with you great stories, tips and tricks and anything else you’d like to hear about! I plan on including some of my own and some from military spouses past and present. I’ve had a heart transplant. Another friend has three children, two of them have disabilities and two of them have battled/are battling cancer. I know spouses who have lost mothers, children, and yes… their soldiers. I want this blog to make you feel like you’re not alone. If you feel that no one is going through what you are, please reach out. This community is a strong one and we are here to support you.

Just to reiterate that we’ve all been there, I was so excited to get this page started I forgot about dinner and burnt our homemade veggie chili. We are now having blue box mac and cheese. The kids are thrilled!